Koudoumalia – Visit lasithi


Koudoumalia is one of the oldest and smallest villages of Lasithi Plateau and together with Magoulas and Agios Charalambos are the highest villages in altitude. The name of the village comes from the Mediterranean fruit tree “Krataigos o Azarolos”, commonly known as Koudoumalos (which is better known as Andrikokia) that has been abundant since then in the area where the village is built.

Chainis Viskadouros who came from Koudoumalia was one of the revolutionaries of the Plateau during the Turkish occupation and was part of the group of Manolis Kazanis.

During the Cretan State, Koudoumalia belonged to the Municipality of Psychro. At that time, the mayor of the area was from Koudoumalia and his name was Manolis Papadakis. He was in office for more than 15 years and did great work in the region if we take into account that he did not have much knowledge and that the Municipalities back then had no revenue at all.

Koudoumalia was mentioned for the first time by Castrofilaca (K104) as Mettocchio Cudhumaglia, with 5 houses and 10 inhabitants, in 1583. It was also mentioned by Basilicata (Monuments of Cret. Hist. V, p.28) as Cudumaglia in 1630. In the Turkish census of 1671 it was not mentioned. In the Egyptian one of 1834 it was mentioned as Kudhumalia (Pashley, Travels in Crete, II, 321) along with the villages of Ag. Georgios, Plathiano and Avrakonte, with 100 Christian families, in total.

In 1881 it was listed in the Municipality of Psychro with 131 inhabitants, in 1900 in the same Municipality with 143, in the census of 1920 it was the seat of a rural Municipality of the same name with 87 inhabitants, in 1928 it belonged to the community of Ag. Georgios with 148 inhabitants, since 1940 (until today) it has belonged to the community of Avrakonte with 192 inhabitants, in 1951 it had 174, in 1961 it had 153, in 1971 it had 74, in 1981 it had 85, in 1991 it had 84 and in 2001 along with the village of Avrakonte they had 227 permanent residents.