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Marmaketo (or Marmaketon) is a small village located on the eastern side of Lasithi Plateau, at an altitude of 890m, at the foot of the Fakidia hill. The settlement of Farsaro belongs to the community of Marmaketo. Despite its small size, it has many things that are worth mentioning.

Farsaro (Local Community of Marmaketo) belongs to the Municipality of Lasithi Plateau of the Regional Unit of Lasithi located in the Region of Crete, according to the administrative division of Greece as formed by the program “Kallikratis”.

Historical data

Marmaketo is known as the village of Captain Kazanis, the great and forgotten by the state leader of the Greek Revolution. However, Marmaketo has much more to show its visitors. In addition to the miracle of the dry violets that rebloom during the Gospel on May 8 (of Saint John the Theologian), in this village took place the second biggest battle of Crete during the period of the Greek Revolutions, the Giant Battle of Lasithi, in honor of which the then Prefecture of Sitia was renamed the Prefecture of Lasithi. After all, the Turks burned down the village many times mainly because of the revolutionary action of the nearby Holy Monastery of Kroustallenia. Also, close to the village is located the Cave of Trapeza or Kronio, which along with the Diktaion Andron, in Psychro, were the most important places of worship of Zeus in Lasithi.

Population trend according to the censuses: