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Mesa Lasithaki

Mesa Lasithaki (Local Community of Mesa Lasithi) belongs to the Municipality of Lasithi Plateau of the Regional Unit of Lasithi located in the Region of Crete, according to the administrative division of Greece, as formed by the “Kallikratis” program.

Mesa Lasithaki is one of the smallest villages of the Plateau and is located at the western foothills of Mount Tzivi or Aloida (1,664 m). It was not mentioned in the censuses of the historians Castrofilaca and Basilicata. The first reference to the settlement was in 1900 stating that it belonged to the Municipality of Tzermiadon and that it had 96 inhabitants. In the 1920 census, it was in the rural Municipality of Mesa Lasithi with 84 inhabitants, in 1928 with 110, in 1940 with 142, in 1951 with 160, in 1961 with 143, in 1971 with 86, in 1981 with 65, in 1991 with 46 and in 2001 with 27.

Its official name is “Mesa Lasithakion”. The seat of the Municipality is Tzermiadon and it belongs to the geographical division of Crete.

During the administrative division of Greece with the “Kapodistrias” plan, until 2010, Mesa Lasithaki belonged to the Local District of Mesa Lasithi, of the former Municipality of Lasithi Plateau of the Prefecture of Lasithi.

Mesa Lasithaki has an altitude of 854 m above sea level, latitude 35.1751373626 and longitude 25.5187386717.