Chavgas Gorge – Visit lasithi

Chavgas Gorge

The Gorge of Chavgas is the only long gorge in Lasithi Plateau and is formed between the hills Katharios Lakkos (1,190) and Katharia Kefala (1,269) of Dikti. The Chavgas or Xenikos river passes through the gorge and collects the waters of Katharo Plateau, then passes through Lasithi Plateau (as Megalos Potamos) and transports them to the sink of Chonos. From there they exit through the Veins of Kastamonitsa and through the Aposelemi river they end up at the dam of Aposelemi. The name “Chavgas”, as well as its corruptions (e.g. chavgoudi), is very common for the gorges of Eastern Crete, and means gorge.

The gorge has a total length of about 4 km and is relatively smooth and accessible to everyone from its exit, where it is quite open. Then the gorge narrows sharply and the path ascends to the beautiful lake of Neraidokolympos, at the base of a small waterfall with a round boulder. Neraidokolympos interrupts the path to the rest of the gorge and in order to continue, it is necessary to go back a few meters and follow the trail E4 on the sides of the gorge that leads to Katharo Plateau.

The landscape within the gorge, which is part of E4, is unspoilt as there are very few people who decide to visit it. If you decide to cross it, follow the most common course, i.e. entering through its exit, next to the reservoir of Agios Georgios, through dirt roads that start from the village of Agios Konstantinos. On its slopes there is abundant tree vegetation, mainly maples and oak tree types. The river has water only after heavy rains, while Neraidokolympos has water all year round.